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Thank you for visiting! It’s likely that you’re here because someone recently gave you a green wristband – a special gift with a special message. This site is here to communicate that message, and to let you know how you can help to spread this gift around the world.


You’ve probably heard of the Ten Commandments. God gave these to man thousands of years ago, and they form the framework for His law, which is recorded in the Bible. The Bible also tells us that everyone has broken God’s law, and therefore we all deserve to be separated from God forever. But God’s Word doesn’t stop there. It gives to us the life-changing truth that the Lord loves us so much that He sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to pay the penalty that we should pay! He has made a way for us to know Him personally, and to avoid being separated from Him forever. What is this way? It’s believing in Jesus Christ … believing that he is the Son of God, and believing that he alone can save us from the punishment we deserve.

If you’ll trust Jesus today, he will give to you an eternal home in heaven, a new nature and a new life! This is his gift to you, and all you need to do is receive it by faith.

If you have any questions, we can connect you with a pastor who will be glad to assist you find the answers you are looking for. Simply click here to contact us!


Jesus said that once we have received this precious gift of a relationship with God, we must do all we can to tell others. The green wristband you have can be used to tell someone else about what Jesus has done for you.

How can I use this to reach out to others?

The band does much of the work for you. Its bright green color stands out and begs for someone to ask about it, and you can tell them that the green is symbolic for new life in Christ. In today’s world, it’s rare to have a chance to share your faith with a complete stranger. But these bands provide a great opportunity! You might not have to wait for someone to ask about the wristband. God may lead you to someone and allow you to tell them about Jesus, and then you can give them your wristband to remind them of His love. And who knows … maybe they will believe and then pass it on to someone else!


As you share this gift with others, they may want the opportunity to do the same. By giving your wristband to someone else, the gift is spread. One band alone could help reach many people!

Can I get another band if I give mine away?

We have many more bands available, so go ahead and give yours away. Simply let us know if you need another one, and we'll gladly provide one to you. After all, this gift is one that needs to be seen!